Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ombak rindu...

Salam and great day,

I juz came back from my night out..had some movie time and late dinner with him.. ^_^ well, that is certainly not my point on writing this...i juz wana share my mood now...more to flying without wings where I cant feel the ground! oh my God! where's my leg?? owh here! see..i'm flying now...told cha already! :-P

Speaking on my title of this entry, Im sure you guys have heard about this song..OMBAK RINDU...being popularized by the film as it Ost..it is so sweet..the rhythm itself is so mendayu2 n so syahdu! only people who have the same feeling as mine will feel this song...

i know, my second big day is juz around the corner...day by day, the date is getting near! swear to God, I never felt like this...i mean this seriousness... ^_^ n till now, when i slap my face, it did felt hurts, but amazingly i still cant believe that I AM DOING THIS..! this preparation...Oh my God, is this really true?? semoga dipermudahkan segala urusanku kelak...amin... :-)

Well then, back to the original topic...where were we? owh yes, the Ombak Rindu.. :-) close your eyes, listen to the music, feel the lyric.............you will feel something when you really feel this song and take it to your heart, mind, body n soul...a feeling where you really wants someone...someone that is so special to your eyes, someone that you really love and you promise to yourself, you wanna be with him/her for the rest of your life and you ask from God where you will be so Ikhlas... ahh! this song is really sweet for me... i could close my eyes and be in different world now....

'tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia...utk terimaku seadanya...kerana ku x sanggup, kerana ku x mampu hidup tanpa dia disisiku....'

im flying now when i realized that this is true for me...thus, im praying so much as i can to dear God for him to accept all the bad n good from me....becoz i know, i wana be with him, and this phase is no longer joking when we're talked about marriage...a new n big responsible to handle in building family and to lead it...i know i am no longer kid and i am big enough to take the responsibility...just wana say that I am ready for that!

'tuhan, aku tahu byk dosaku..hanya igt kan mu kala duka ku...namun hanya kamu yg mampu membuka pntu hatinya utk cintaku...'

i realized too that im juz an ordinary person...i cant escape from made any mistakes...i know im a weak when its true to admit that sometimes i forgot my dear God..its true when people talk that bile da susah baru igt tuhan, time senang xnk igt pulak..i never argue on that situation...

'malam kau bawa lah rinduku utk dirinya yg jauh dr ku...agar dia tidak kesepian, selalu rasa ada cinta agung...'

he's quite far from me, n getting far soon...its normal right when a couple missing each other? :-) night is the most feeling time and when i miss him,i will whisper to the wind and let it blow to him...i juz wanted him to know that he is not alone, i will always be with him...owh this song's really get me high....im flying without wings again....owh my God! Catch me! Catch me!! :-)

'hujan bawa airmataku yang mengalir membasuh lukaku...agar dia tahu ku terseksa tanpa cinta dia dihatiku...'

My past in love relation before him was bad! But i know God really loves me..He met us up...i was so heartbroken before this until i found him...frankly speaking, i never thought that i would or i could go far with him until like what we had now... Oh my God! Thanks so much dear God for the gift...i really need him to cover the hole in my heart...and to complete my heart back that turned into pieces before this...he is something that really cant be describe with words...

'Hanya mampu berserah, moga cahaya di penanti....'

We're both have try so much on what we can do, n now its time to give it all to dear God to make His job...i hope there will be a real happy ending for us, not just a talking dream or imagination...after all, Kun Fayya Kun...Jadi, Maka Jadilah Ia dengan kehendak tuhan....

Shit! Its 1:35am now n what the hell im doing at this late of nite? Like i dont have to go to work tomorrow morning...i should be sleeping latest by 12:00am...but now its almost 2... My god! My god! Lets go to sleep now syerra! :-)

Till then,
Take care guys...

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sumpah, x paham!

Salam n great day,

Harap korg sume ok...ni syerra nk ckp psl 1 bende skrg...short n simple!

Tgk kt tv x? Baca surat khabar x? Dengar kt radio x? Ape jadi dgn budak2 muda zaman skrg? Make love, mmg mcm da perkara biasa....mengandung anak luar nikah pon da mcm xde mende! Patu, buang2 anak, da jadi mcm trend pulak kan?? Salah siapa?? Salah anak2?? Salah mak bapak?? Salah family?? Salah kwn2?? Or salah persekitaran??

N syerra 200% menyalahkan persekitaran! Sbb persekitaran tu da merangkumi semua!!

Bole nampak x? Atau korg sndiri penah mengalami nya?? Bile laki pempuan yg xde ikatan asik bkepit, kehulu ke hilir da mcm belangkas, mak bapak bising..kata x elok xde pape ikatan tp da dihangkut kesana kemari... Then bila da bertunang, nak dilambat2kan pulak kawen si anak...alasan itu alasan ini...padahal si anak da cukup mampu nk bina family... Bila mak bapak x kasi kawen, si anak memberontak... Hawa nafsu ni kdg2 sukar dikawal... Bende baik nk dilambatkan, lepas tu bile bende buruk dicepatkan2, si anak mula la bikin onar ke hape ke, tau pulak mak bapak nk malu?? Tau pulak nak naik hantu?? Kita x boleh nk ramal bende2 mcm ni...thats why sebelum terjadi, DIELAKKAN!!


Memang da kucar kacir nampaknye... Perbalahan semakin berleluasa...perdamaian tak pulak ditemui....ape nak jadi??

Syerra BUKAN nak salahkan sesapa, TIDAK JUGAK MENUDING JARI kepada mana2 pihak,maaf andai ade yg trase, tp fikirlah sendiri!!! Jgn pentingkan diri....tepuk dada, tanya hati! Bukak mata n bukak minda skali!

Peace no war!

Till then,
Take care

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thinking Thursday... ^_^

Salam and great day,

I just wanna share this few words... ^_^


 Till then,
Take care guys ^_^

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Advance Suprise Birthday Party..

Salam and great day,

First of all, I would like to wish Happy birthday-29 years old to my beloved fiance-to-be, Mr. Moraz El Fahd Jr.  I hope that this year gonna give you a bright successful in anything you do. I also hope that our love will grow stronger day by day and may the happiness be with you now and forever. God bless you, syg...Insyaallah... ^_^

So today, I wanna share bout the advance birthday party that I have made for him last nite.. ^_^ Actually, I did the post for this entry and try to publish it last nite, but dunno where it went wrong, it cant be published and suddenly all of it had gone! goshhh...I dont even save it coz I thought it will saved automatically...but then, HUWAAA.... :-( so sad coz i have to write again and have to remember every words I wrote last nite... Homai!~ Of coz I'll never remember each of it... =.=

Now, move to the story... :-)

Yesterday, 9 May, when I went to work early morning, I drop at the cake shop for a while, just to survey what cake do they have? and I saw the very nice one, Oreo Cheese Cake...it looks so yummy and delicious and I want to grab it now! but I thought Owh its okay, later laa I buy after finish my work...and I went to office...

Tiktok tiktok...Oke Balik time!!! ^_^

I rushed to find a birthday card. Wow! There were so many cutey and lovely cards they have...My eyes got blanks and my mind felt dizzy coz I dunno which one to select...then, AHAH!!~ FOUND IT!! ^_^ it looks so feminine... with those couple pigeons, and flowery and love in the air...and what I liked most were those words!!~ Oh goshh...It is so lovely!!~ and really suit my condition and him right now... ^_^ okay whatever! but still...hey, this card was meant for a girl or boy?? Ah! Who cares..though it looks like for girl, I still wanna buy it! just because of the lovely wishes they have there in the cards....Haaahhhh...remembering it, I feel like flying in the sky now... <3 <3 <3

Okay now, lets go and grab the cake!!~ ^_^ I went speedily and hurry and rushing to the shop cake...My eyes bigger to find the cake...where is it?? where is it?? Where is my Oreo cheese cake???? It has gone! :-( okay, I felt so sad...never mind, maybe its not my luck I guessed... =.=

Then I start to looked around and found a few cakes with beautiful design and at reasonable price! ^_^ and then, here comes another problem...I have to struggled and scrambled with two other buyers for the chocolate cakes...Damn! They've won the struggling.. Now only left for 1 chocolate cake..and it Choco Banana cake... Banana?? Oh my, I'm not a banana-liker... =.= by hook or by crook, still I have to bought it or otherwise there would be no cake for him...

Done all the thingy-Card and cake...now headed to Kerinchi... ^_^ I had to deal with the restaurant and the live band... ^_^ with my baju kurung moden, and wearing high heels, handbag in left shoulder, cake and files in right hand, i went speedily to Farid Corner...Okay, that was tired after a long walking! but never mind, as long as the planned is well planned and went through, thats a relieve for me! ^_^

Here we ago!~ Finally arrived at Farid Corner...but unfortunately the boss was not there...Maybe he was a lil bit late... I dunno...So i went to speak with the makcik there... and go through with her the plan for tonite... ^_^ and she was just like, 'okay..okay..ye..ye..' hahah!~ I'd request for the live band to play the birthday song when we arrived later. :-) well, this live band is a the 30 cent band. Have you guys ever heard about it? well, honestly I never heard about it before until he told me about it, about his friend who has band and own music song. Wow! thats great! and NO DOUBT the group's voice is very good...Try go there -Farid Corner, kg Kerinchi... ^_^

After finish all the discussion, I went to my house, get ready and waited for him to fetch me..but he was so bz! Until 9 he was still not finish his meeting... Owh my! =.= then he called me and told that he was about to fetch me and on his way now... ^_^

When we arrived at the Farid Corner, that Makcik was smiling at me... Sabar makcik! Dont start it now... hahah!~ the live band was playing the music and singing to entertain all the visitors there...Not bad huh your voice! I do adore it!~ :-)

We're ordered our food and chit chatting while he was seriously bz with his football game.. =.= after a while, my food arrived...only my food...we have to waited for quite a long time for his food to come.. =.= soccay,I turned my head back as the live band is behind me and so the makcik...i gave the thumb up to the makcik, meaning that Do It Now! ^_^

he was STILL bz with his phone gaming... Owh my! =.= and the music turned to a birthday music sound suddenly...he showed his weird face...his eyebrow started to wrinkle...I ate my charkuetiau with slumber and smiling face...he turned to face me...and asked me,'mcm lagu birthday pulak..'...Seriously I couldnt hold my smile, I feels like I wanna laugh to see his face...he turned back and see Kakak is bringing the cake to us and the singer sing the birthday song, so do I while I was clapping my hands and singing for him too..He was seem so suprised..

He asked me when did I bought the cake? when did I came to Farid Corner? When did I planned all this? Ahh...so many questions and I wouldnt answer it sayang... ^_^

I asked him to make a wish before he blew the candle... :-) and later I gave him the card that I took out from my handbag...I heard that singer from the live band said 'Sweet la gf lu bro...' owh, really? Did I?? hahah... ^_^ Dalam hati ade taman!

Actually his birthday is today and I supposedly celebrate with him today...but he was so bz n Im afraid we cant celebrate it together...So thats why I'd decided to make it earlier...

I love syg...May happiness be with you now and forever and may our love grow larger and larger everyday.. god bless you always.. Happy 29 yrs old birthday on 10 may 2012 ddy! MLDSM!

Thats all i wanna share.. ^_^

till then, take care guys!