Saturday, 21 September 2013

KTM Project

Salam and great day,

I made some updates to my blog dengan harapan lepas ni nak rajin luang masa kat sini... Rasenye, some people in my Facebook already aware that I'm about to make this event called ''KTM Project". But I believe, some of the readers are still questioning what is that, what is that?

Introducing you guys to this event called "KTM Project"...

Date: 6 October 2013
Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm
Centre of meeting: KTM Seksyen 19, Shah Alam
Route: Shah Alam - KL Sentral - KLCC
Photoshoot: KLCC Park

KTM Project by Syerra ni adalah projek make up yang mana Syerra mencari beberapa orang lelaki dan perempuan, (kalau couple lg bagus) utk dijadikan model. Kenapa dinamakan KTM project? The idea is to do the make up while in the train itself. It will be a little bit tough where of course we need stability while make up people in the train. This is the challenging part for me. Dan, Syerra mencari model yang berani untuk dimekapkan mukanya di dalam tren KTM tu sendiri. 

I know that KTM Project will have its own publicity (something that attracts the attention of the public) and with this, hopefully that my carrier in this make up artist industry will start to grow and develop positively. 

So, tempat perjumpaan/berkumpul adalah di Stesen KTM Shah Alam. KTM Project ni akan dibantu oleh 2 orang photographer. So, start masuk je dlm KTM, x kira dpt seat ke tak, cari space sikit and tros dengan kerja-kerja make up model...Perjalanan dari Shah Alam ke KL Sentral ambik masa lebih kurang 45 minit...If mekap simple2, 2 org model sempat la...if heavy mekap, then Syerra akan buat sorg je, n yg lain bila smpai kt KLCC Park nnt...

Bila smpai KL Sentral, we will transfer to LRT and heading to KLCC pulak...Photoshoot nnt akan diadakan di situ. Since it's garden, it's a park, my thought that it could be great for Couple Photoshoot.

So guys, if korang bf-gf ade mase terluang on that day, let's join us for this KTM Project! Anything bole contact Syerra ok!~ 

Till then, 
Take care...

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