Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I know I'm Not....

Salam n great day...

Just a lil confession,
i know im not a good person,
i know im a bitchy mouth u'd ever heard,
i know that things are went worst every day,
n i know u had too much
n i even sick of it...

i know im not a good person,
but i'd been a nice person to u in the past,maybe...
i know that things might changes
we all change..
we're changed without we even didnt realized it
we're fight
we're mad,
we're cried,
n we're happy...no more!
other people were clapping hand
said look they'll never make it...
n owh bloody yes,
they might right

i know im not a good companion,
so i lose hope,
lose faith,
lose courage,
going down down down till i really fell down to the ground

i know im not a good lover,
i'd went a hard day just to forget him,
just to forget love,
just to forget happiness,
n just to stay here in the dark...
my bad time,
but the one that i'd missed most,
my dark place,
my very own companion...

just when i saw you
from my darkest place
when you gave your hand
to pull me out of this darkest hole
i hesitated to take the risk..
the moment i grab your hand
and came out from my comfy darkest place
i felt like im a live once again
i could breath
i could smile
i saw color of happiness

I know i am not able to blink my eyes again
Coz the scare is still there
Could it be just dream?
Is this dream??
Im too afraid to blink or to close or to open my eyes
Bcoz im afraid that things might change
And i really wouldnt want that....

Just a glimpse of a thought
Where is exactly am I now...??

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