Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dear YOU....

Salam and great day...

Today, I wrote this entry just for YOU...Yes! Yes!~ YOU!~ ^_^ and I know right now you are reading it... 

okay, nothing much I cay say besides my THANXILLION towards you for such a great moment I had with you yesterday!~ I'm so happy okay!~ Yay!~

U fetched me after I finished my works, then we had a fast breaking. What a nice breaking moment I cooked fried rice and fried chicken for me!~ Owh how sweet is that!~ Because I can sure of that it was so rare when a guy cooked for me!~ It was cute btw!~ ^_^ kalo kita bercinta ni, I da ckp yg u romantik!~ hahah!~ =P luckily that u are my friend.... ^_^

While eating, we had our football match watching... Liverpool vs Arsenal...I've told you before that I hope I can watch football match together with you... Finally yesterday you made it come true!~ OMG!~ Double YAY!!~ ^_^ we're both support Liverpool..and hell yeah Liverpool won that game by 2-0 to Arsenal!~ Congrats Liverpool!!~ ^_^ The best part here is when you gave me your Liverpool jersey, same color with what the team wore during that match!~ Its grey in color and tripple YAY!~ I've got my 1st jersey!!~  ^_^ Thanks again YOU!~ Bayeknye awak nii...^_^ Okay, I'm melting enough now to make me drowning... hahaha!~ =P  JOKING!~ =)

After finished that match, we went to The Mines lake...Owh!~ Here was also the great moment I had when I've got a chance to ride a JETSKI!!~ yes! yes!~ I've told you before that I wish we can ride a jetski together someday...and now, you'r fulfilling it!!~ Oh MY!~ ^_^ Tapi saya pembonceng je la..sebab YOU yang bawak..~ Still, I enjoyed it soooo much!!~ Riding jetski at night?? HOH!~ ^_^angin sejuk oke!~ tapi best sebab rambut terbang-terbang! YOU fulfilled many of my request tonight!~ YOU such a nice guy...I can sure that!~ And I'm so lucky to have you as my friend...

DONE!~ Dah banyak sangat permintaan I yang u tunaikan... Dan I pun tak sangka yang u tunaikan betol-betol!~ ^_^ How lucky I am!~

I still remember your words when you remind me this "kena berkawan jangan cepat cair k.."  =) And I tell you what, I'm not MELTING laa...It just that I'm APPRECIATING.... ^_^ Yeah you right when you say that  jodoh tu semua kat tangan tuhan... ^_^

Dear YOU,
U'd promised me right, that u'll never leave me alone... Legaa... Will you be my friend forever? because as I told you, I really hope that our friendship can last forever...It is much more safe this way... Apa yang safe I pon tatau la.. hahaha!~ =P

Dear YOU,
I'll whisper one thing to your ear... ^_^ nanti tunggu k I bagi tau... ^_^

Okay!~ Now DONE all that story, focusing on what I'm gonna said here...

Dear YOU,
Honestly, I am very happy to know you...
I am very happy when we spent time together...
Because I do admit that I loves your humor...
And honestly too,
I feel very comfortable when I'm with you,
I don't know how to explain it further,
But I know and I am confident with myself
that I can be a good friend to you...
I promised that...
Once I promised, I'll make sure that I'll do it..
So, you can count on me for that...
Dear YOU,
Thank you so much again and again
for the joy and happiness u'd bring to my life,
Dah lama sangat tak rasa macam ni agaknya... =P
 I really appreciate it,
Although u might say that it just nothing,
Its simple thing for you,
But for me,
It is something!~
Something that I would never forget!~
Something that I would remember till my last day of my life!~
You are such a nice guy,
And again, Thank you for being my friend....
^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Till then, 
Take Care...

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