Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Shoe Madness...^_^

Salam and great day,

Last night I just bought two new babies for Hari Raya...Wonder what babies is that, huh? It is shoes...!!!~ ^_^ 
I bought 3 pairs of shoes by which two for me, and one for my younger sister, Kayla. Owh, and it's SO ADORABLE!!!!~ ^_^ Let's take a look....

-2 pairs of Zucca International shoes, and 1 pair of Nichii shoe-

 Look at that all adorable babies!!!~ OMG!!~ Okey now I fall in love with Zucca International and intend to get another pair of shoe that I already aim to buy!!~ Its a wedges!!~ Awesome gorgeous wedges!!~ ^_^

Now Lets take a look at each ones!~ ^_^

Kayla's baby from Zucca International...So CATCHY and URBAN..!!!~ ^_^

I bought this one for her at Ole-Ole Section 18 Shah Alam... I've been there several times before lately, but never realized there's a new shoe shop opened there. It sell shoes from Nichii and Zucco International. Owh, how great knowing that after this I'm no longer need to go to Bukit Tinggi or Sunway Pyramid to get my Nichii Shoes..^_^

My White Baby Gladiator-Look-Alike High Heels....So Trendy and Catchy and Stylo!!~ ^_^

The aboved one is my Gladiator-Look-Alike shoe from Nichii...OMG!~ I don't know why I love design like this so much! From the flat shoe till the high heels, I just love the design!~ ^_^ This one is white in color...So trendy and catchy!!~

My unique and classic wood's high heels from Zucca International...^_^

The aboved one is my 2nd shoes for Hari Raya... ^_^ Look at the design!~ Seriosly, it is so unique!!~ Look a bit closer to its is carving uniquely!!~ Besides, it's look like so classic, yet so urban and I love that!~ Actually, I chose a brown one for this Zucca International because its look like more naked. You know what is mean by naked shoe? The shoe that reveal most of your skin. Sexy okay!~ ^_^ Well unfortunately, the size I don't know what happen, did not fit my feet. =.= So I have to pick the black one, same size, but it is more comfortable... ^_^

Hurm...Wanna see my part of my shoes collection?? ^_^ Here:

Part of my shoes collection....These are the old one...Need to change it now!~ ^_^

Orait then...Thats all for this entry about my madness towards shoes!!~

Till then,
Take care.

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